Aircraft Data

Information for the Aircraft Data section has been gathered and submitted from
a variety of internet and print sources. Reasonable attempts have
been made to ensure accuracy and veracity of sources. When possible
attempts have been made to use data provided by the aircraft manufacturer.
However, this information should not be used for flight planning
or official purposes. If you have additional information or information
sources, please contact the Webmaster.

Manufacturer Aircraft Type Typical Seating Range (nm) Cruise Speed Cabin Height Cabin Width
Cessna Citation Mustang  5+1 1150 nm 340 kts 54″ 55″
Cirrus SF 50
Diamond D-Jet
Eclipse 500
Eclipse 500 Total Eclipse
Eclipse 550
Embraer Phenom 100
Honda Honda Jet
Learjet 25
Beech BeechJet
Beech BeechJet 400 6 1450 404
Beech BeechJet 400XP 6 1693 440
  Nextant 400 XT 7   440
Beech BeechJet 400XPR
Beech Beech Premier I 6 1340 451
Beech Beech Premier IA 6 1340 461
Cessna Cessna CitationJet 5    
Cessna CJ1 5 1250  
Cessna CJ1+      
Cessna M2      
Cessna CJ2 6  1450 57 58
Cessna CJ2+ 6 1613 418 kts 57 58
Cessna CJ3      
Cessna CJ4
Cessna Citation 500      
Cessna Citation 501
Cessna Citation II
Cessna Citation Bravo      
Cessna Citation V      
Cessna Citation Ultra      
Cessna Citation Encore      
Cessna Citation Excel      
Cessna Citation XLS      
Embraer Phenom 300
Dassault Falcon 10      
Dassault Falcon 100      
Learjet 31 / 31A      
Learjet 35      
  Learjet 35A      
Bombardier Learjet 40/40XR      
Sino Swearingen SJ30-2      
Bombardier Challenger 300
Cessna Citation III      
Cessna Citation VI      
Cessna Citation VII      
Cessna Citation Sovereign      
IAI Astra SP
Dassault Falcon 20
Dassault Falcon 200
Dassault Falcon 50
Dassault Falcon 50 EX
Gulfstream G100
Gulfstream G150
Bombardier Learjet 45XR      
Learjet 55      
Bombardier Learjet 60      
Bombardier Learjet 60XR      
Hawker Hawker 700
Hawker Hawker 750      
Hawker Hawker 800 A/B      
Hawker Hawker 800 XP      
Hawker Hawker 800 XPR      
Hawker Hawker 850      
Hawker Hawker 1000      
Cessna Citation X
Dassault Falcon 2000      
Dassault Falcon 2000DX      
Dassault Falcon 2000LX      
Gulfstream G200      
Gulfstream G280
 Hawker  Hawker 4000      
Embraer Legacy
Canadair Challenger 600      
Canadair Challenger 601      
Bombardier Challenger 604      
Bombardier Challenger 605
Bombardier Challenger 850
Dassault Falcon 900      
Dassault Falcon 900EX      
Gulfstream G II      
Gulfstream G IIB      
Gulfstream G III      
Gulfstream G IV      
Gulfstream G IV SP      
Gulfstream V      
Gulfstream VSP      
Gulfstream G300
Gulfstream G400
Gulfstream G450
Airbus A319 ACJ      
Boeing BBJ      
Boeing BBJ2      
Boeing BBJ3      
Bombardier Global Express      
Bombardier Global XRS      
Bomb Global 5000      
Dassault Falcon 7X
Gulfstream G500
Gulfstream G550
Gulfstream G650
Beech King Air 90
Beech King Air 100
Beech King Air 200
Beech King Air 250
Beech King Air 300
Beech King Air 350
Cessna Conquest
Cessna 675
Cessna Grand Caravan
Socata TBM 700
Socata TBM 850
Extra 500
Piaggio P-180 Avanti      
Piaggio P-180 Avanti II      
Pilatus PC-12
Piper Meridian

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