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| Citation XLS+ | 2014/09/16

BEIJING, September 16, 2014 – The Cessna Citation XLS+ is the centerpiece of the company’s exhibit at the China International Business Aviation Show at the Flight Inspection Center of the Civil Aviation Authority of China in Beijing, China Sept. 16-18., representing its role both in Cessna’s joint venture in China and as one of the best-selling business jet models ever produced. Cessna Aircraft Company is a subsidiary of Textron Aviation, a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company.

The Citation XLS+ was certified by the CAAC in April. This was a key milestone in the joint venture agreement between Cessna and China Aviation Industry General Aviation Company Ltd. (CAIGA) for final assembly and delivery of Citation XLS+ aircraft to customers in China.

“The Citation XLS+ has earned a reputation for performance and reliability.  It continues to be a market leader in the midsize business jet segment because it has proven to be a smart investment in helping to grow a business without sacrificing the cabin features you expect in private air travel,” said Bill Schultz, senior vice president of Business Development in China. “The XLS+ is perfectly suited for the Chinese market due to its acquisition and operating costs, its range, and particularly its performance at high-altitude airports in many parts of the country.”

Cessna and CAIGA announced the joint venture in 2012 to assemble and deliver Citation XLS+ business jets and Caravan turboprops for Chinese customers. Operations in China will include final assembly, paint, testing, interior installation, customization, flight testing and delivery.

The Citation XLS+ is the world’s most sought-after business jet. Business owners consistently have chosen the Citation XLS+ more than any other aircraft in the light midsize category for its unparalleled combination of comfort, ease of operation, range of mission capabilities and favorable operating efficiencies. The aircraft provides customers access from Beijing to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Shanghai, well within a one-day trip. Inside is the largest cabin in its class with nearly 19 feet of length, a dropped aisle that provides 68 inches of height the entire length of the cabin and seating for up to 12 passengers. It travels as fast as 441 ktas with a range of more than 1,858 nautical miles, departing from runways as short as 3,560 feet.

More than 6,600 Citations have been delivered to customers around the world since the first Cessna Citation business jet was put into service in 1972. Citations are the largest fleet of business jets in the world and have surpassed 30 million flight hours.


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Cessna announces multi-year partnership with Chip Ganassi Racing Teams

| Cessna | 2013/01/24

CHARLOTTE, NC, January, 23, 2013 — Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced today a strategic partnership with Chip Ganassi Racing Teams (CGRT) for multiple races in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, the IZOD IndyCar Series and the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series. This partnership extends Cessna’s presence across all three series in which CGRT competes.

“Clyde Cessna founded this company on our customers’ need for speed. Today, performing with precision to drive success is the purpose of business aviation,” said Scott Ernest, Cessna’s President and CEO. “The racing industry is built on those same principles – each day teams are moving as fast as they can to get from point a to point b and win, which is why this partnership is such a natural fit for both Cessna and CGRT. The scope and success of CGRT across all components of racing gives us a strong presence as we invest in the sport.”

Cessna, along with sister Textron companies Bell Helicopter and E-Z-GO, is incorporated into every race event where CGRT competes, giving each brand the opportunity to showcase transportation solutions to the industry including air travel to and from the host cities, helicopter transport from airports to racing venues and ground transportation onsite.

Cessna will sponsor multiple races on the No. 1 Chevrolet SS of Jamie McMurray in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS), sharing assets with sister Textron companies such as Bell Helicopter and E-Z-GO, one race on the No. 10 Honda with Dario Franchitti in the IZOD IndyCar Series and one race with Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas in the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series on the No. 01 Dinan-Prepared BMW.

“Cessna helps make racing possible for my team by getting me to the races quickly and efficiently,” said Chip Ganassi, owner of Chip Ganassi Racing. “With almost 70 races a year separated by hundreds of miles with little time in between, I rely on business aviation to help me keep driving my business and to keep winning.”

In summer 2012, Cessna partnered with CGRT and owner Chip Ganassi at the GoPro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma to announce the enhanced maximum speed of the new Citation X to mach.935, thus regaining the title as the fastest civil aircraft in the world.

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Cessna Citation M2 Off To Flying Start

| Cessna, Citation M2 | 2013/01/10

See Cessna Citations for Sale at BusinessJet.com

WICHITA, Kan., Jan 10, 2013 – Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, today announced that the Citation M2 has commenced its initial production run in the company’s Independence, Kansas facility. The front and aft cabin assemblies for the light business jet are built at Cessna’s Wichita, Kansas facility and are then transported to Independence for final assembly and delivery.

Unit 800 is slated for demonstrator purposes, and is expected to roll off the assembly line this April. Lily English, General Manager of Cessna’s Independence Plant, says the production start is a rewarding moment that possesses its own challenges and benefits. “It’s great to see production begin, and see a product take shape. The team members are ready, and they’re thrilled to be a part of bringing the M2 to customers.”

The much-anticipated business jet is on track for certification in the second quarter of 2013. “The M2 looks to be a fantastic product for the market in the light business jet category,” said Brian Rohloff, business leader for the M2. “We asked our customers what they wanted, and we worked their requests into the M2 design. The outstanding customer response is proof that this aircraft delivers on their needs for mission scope, performance and finishes. Designing and manufacturing products based on customer use and needs is at the heart of Cessna’s legacy and is what has shaped the company’s aviation pride through the years.”

The M2 features the Garmin G3000 avionics suite, offering design commonalities with the larger jets in the Citation family such as the Citation Sovereign and Citation X. “The M2 has space for six passengers and a private lavatory, features that many of our Mustang customers said they wanted in their next jet,” said Rohloff. “The M2 is faster than many comparable airplanes, has a faster climb rate, and has strong value at the entry segment.”

Other Cessna aircraft expected to hit the market in 2013 include the new Citation X, the world’s fastest civil aircraft at Mach .935, the new Citation Sovereign, the Jet-A fueled Turbo Skylane JT-A, the TTx, and the Grand Caravan EX.

The nearly 500 full time Cessna employees at the 500,000 square foot Cessna Independence facility are trained to assemble, paint, and install interiors on the majority of Cessna single engine piston models including the 172 Skyhawk, the 182 Skylane and the 206 Stationair. Opened in July of 1996, the Independence facility also manufactures the Citation Mustang and celebrated its 10,000th aircraft delivery during 2012. Flight test and customer deliveries are also handled out of the Independence location.

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Citation CJ2 Wanted

| Business Aviation, Cessna, CJ2, FJ44, Williams International | 2012/08/14

O’Gara Aviation Company is exclusively engaged by one of its clients to purchase a high quality Citation CJ2. Our client is financially qualified with funds ready to be placed in escrow and has very near-term purchase expectations…a rare find in these challenging economic times. We are paid by our client, so any offer on your aircraft will be net to your company. We are not seeking a commission or fee from the seller.

If you are considering the sale of your aircraft please contact:

Johnny Foster
Office: 770-955-3554
Mobile: 404-229-4595

All discussions will be kept in strict confidence.

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Sierra sets delivery record for modified Citation aircraft

| Avionics, Cessna, Citation V, FJ44, Garmin, Sierra Industries, Williams International | 2012/06/18

Sierra Industries sets new delivery records for modified Citation aircraft

Completing several of the most active months in the company’s history, Sierra Industries delivered three major Citation modifications to eager customers in June 2012. These included another S550 model in Sierra’s fleet of Williams FJ44 powered Citations, the fourth installation of the recently STC’d Sierra/Garmin G501SP glass panel retrofit, and a Canadian Citation V fitted with the 36” Sierra cargo door modification.

The S550-based Sierra Super SII delivery marks aircraft number 59 in Sierra’s FJ44 re-engining program and the 12th aircraft to be retrofitted with Williams International FJ44-3A engines. The modification dramatically upgrades the Citation S550’s performance by re-powering the aircraft with Williams International’s FADEC-controlled 2820 lb. thrust FJ44-3A engines.

The Super SII modification provides substantial across-the-board performance improvement for the Citation SII – enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions by as much as 27%, boosting cruise speeds by 30 to 40 knots, extending range to over 2,300 NM, and increasing maximum fuel payload. Dual Channel FADEC controls provide smooth, vibration-free flight for passengers and a reduced workload for the pilot.

June also marked the completion of our fourth G501SP “glass panel” retrofit for the Citation 501. Two more Citation aircraft are currently undergoing G501SP installation in Sierra’s Uvalde, Texas hangars, and remaining 2012 installation slots are filling up rapidly.

The three-screen G501SP incorporates Garmin’s G1000 avionics displays into an integrated flight management system utilizing the Citation SPZ500 autopilot. The system offers true 21st century functionality to pilots of legacy Citations at an affordable price. The G501SP package and options are available for installation at Sierra’s Uvalde, Texas facility and in kit form for installation at approved Garmin dealers. The system is applicable to all Cessna Citation 501 aircraft with either Pratt & Whitney JT15-D or Williams FJ44-2A engines.

Also completed in June was a Sierra Wide Door modification on a Citation 560 aircraft for a Canadian air ambulance operator. The Wide Door modification opens up access to the Citation cabin for medical transport, cargo, remote sensing and other specialized missions. The side-opening 36” door utilizes standard hinge and latch components for easy field maintenance. Applicable to Citation 500, 501SP, 550, 551 and 560 models, the door modification typically requires 10 to 12 weeks for completion.

The extended “down time” of a significant modification, repair or major inspection can be a challenge for owners and operators that depend on their aircraft for frequent travel. Sierra’s exclusive “Fly-Thru Maintenance” program can provide short-term, low-cost leasing of a comparable replacement aircraft during major modifications and other maintenance events, helping to minimize travel disruptions.

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Cessna Launches New Light Business Jet: Citation M2

| Cessna, Citation M2 | 2011/09/26

WICHITA, Kan., Sept. 26, 2011 — Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc.
(NYSE: TXT) company, today launched the Citation M2, a new light business jet
that fills the gap between the Citation Mustang and the Citation CJ family.

The Citation M2 features Garmin G3000 avionics, engines similar to those
found in the Citation CJ series and an all-new cabin design. The aircraft is an
aluminum airframe with a T-tail and a straight wing that includes LED lights. A
cabin mock-up of the Citation M2 will be on display at Cessna’s exhibit in the
Las Vegas Convention Center during the 64th NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention
Oct. 10-12.

With room for two crew and up to six passengers, the $4.195 million Citation
M2 has a maximum cruise speed of 400 knots true airspeed (741 kilometers per
hour) and a range of 1,300 nautical miles (2,408 kilometers). The aircraft can
operate at airports with runways as short as 3,250 feet (991 meters) and will
climb to 41,000 feet (12,497 meters) in 24 minutes.

“Operator feedback and owner insight have indicated a market for a Citation
with the size, speed and range of the Citation M2. We expect to see customers
new to the Citation family, Mustang owners looking for a logical next step or
CJ1+ operators who want a new, more advanced Citation,” said Scott Ernest,
Cessna president and CEO.

The Citation M2 is powered by a pair of FADEC-controlled Williams
International FJ44-1AP-21 turbofan engines, each producing 1,965 pounds of
thrust. This new and improved version of Williams’ FJ44 engine incorporates
improvements gleaned from more than 6 million hours of operation of the 4,000
FJ44 engines in service. The FJ44-1AP-21 produces 10-15 percent more altitude
thrust (depending on conditions) and consumes less fuel at long range cruise
than the previous version, enabling the M2 to climb quickly and cruise fast and
far. The engine also provides significantly higher performance at hot and high
conditions and an increase in the time between overhaul (TBO) from 3,500 to
4,000 hours.

The Citation M2’s clean cockpit design is anchored by the fully integrated
Garmin G3000 avionics suite that seamlessly integrates numerous system
components into an easy-to-use flightdeck to simplify operation and enhance
situational awareness during flight and when taxiing. The G3000 system centers
on three 14.1-inch LCD primary and multifunction displays and two infrared,
touch-screen control panels. The touch-screen controllers react to changes in an
infrared grid rather than traditional surface resistance sensors for better
response under a variety of conditions. The controllers allow multi-function
display page navigation as well as audio and FMS control. The MFD and PFD
provide split-screen capability so that two separate vertical pages may be
viewed side-by-side. Pilots may simultaneously view maps, charts, TAWS, flight
planning or weather.

Popular options from other Citation models are standard on the Citation M2.
Among the standard features of the avionics system are weather radar, TCAS I,
terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS) and ADS-B Out.

From the cockpit divider aft through the rear lavatory, the main passenger
cabin of the Citation M2 is 58 inches wide (1.47 meters) and 11 feet (3.3
meters) long with a 5-inch dropped aisle providing a cabin height of 57 inches
(1.45 meters). Eight large windows, roomy pedestal seats and intuitive cabin
appointments highlight the all-new interior, of which materials and colors can
be hand-selected by customers.

Cessna’s proprietary cabin management system that includes the latest
interface options for greater in-flight productivity and connectivity is

First flight of the new Citation M2 will be in the first half of 2012, with
Federal Aviation Administration certification (Part 23) expected in the first
half of 2013, followed by deliveries beginning in the second half of 2013.

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Cessna Rolls Out the 300th Citation Mustang

| Cessna, Citation Mustang | 2011/02/13

WICHITA, Kan., Feb. 4, 2010 – Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced today the rollout of the 300th Citation Mustang at its assembly facility in Independence, Kan., less than three years after the first Mustang delivery in 2007.

“The aircraft continues to set the mark for entry level business jet operations around the world, and its demand has remained fairly resilient during the past year,” said Jack J. Pelton, Chairman, President and CEO. “It has found success in air taxi and charter operations, in flight departments, in training organizations as well as with owner-operators.”

The 300th Mustang will be delivered later this year to a retail customer in Australia.
The Citation Mustang is the world’s first fully certified entry-level business jet. It was announced at the 2002 National Business Aviation Association convention and made its first flight in April 2005. The first Citation Mustang was delivered in April 2007.

Coming in at just over $3 million (2010 delivery), the Mustang features Garmin avionics, Pratt & Whitney Canada engines and boasts a maximum 1,200-nautical mile range.

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Cessna Delivers 300th Citation X

| Cessna, Citation X | 2009/11/30

WICHITA, Kan., Nov. 30, 2009 – Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, has delivered the 300th Citation X to its authorized sales representative, Jetalliance, based in Vienna, Austria. The Citation X will be operated from Vienna by an unnamed retail customer. Jetalliance is Cessna’s authorized sales representative for Russia and Eastern Europe.

“The Citation X continues to be a popular aircraft all over the world, including Europe. The exceptional speed, reliability, and cabin comfort offered by the Citation X have contributed to its great success,” said Trevor Esling, Cessna’s vice president, International Sales.

The Citation X is the world’s fastest non-military aircraft with a top speed of .92 Mach, just under the speed of sound. Since launch, Cessna has delivered more than 45 Citation Xs to the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

The Citation X is the top of Cessna’s line of light and mid-size business jets and was announced at the 1990 National Business Aviation Association annual meeting and convention. The first Citation X was delivered to golf legend and long-time Cessna customer, Arnold Palmer, in 1996.