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Flaris introduces VLJ

| Garmin | 2013/06/25

Flaris, a Polish company, introduced its prototype single-engine personal jet at the Paris Air Show this week. The all-composite airplane reportedly has begun taxi tests and first flight is expected soon.

Polish company Flaris has surprised the aviation world by introducing the prototype of an unannounced five-seat jet at the Paris Air Show this week.

In what is a clear throw-back to the very light jet (VLJ) concept, the LAR-1 is a single-engined jet designed for personal transport with a target price of $US1.5 million.

The prototype has already completed low-speed taxy tests with the high-speed test due shortly. The company is aiming for the first flight by the end of the year and FAR 23 certification by 2015.
Of all composite construction, the LAR-1 is futuristic in design and with several unique features including a ballistic parachute system in the nose and detachable wings.

The aircraft at Paris is fitted with a Pratt & Whitney 610F engine giving 1460 lb of thrust, but the company expects to offer customers options for the 615F, Williams or Price Induction engine as well.
Behind the LAR-1 is Flaris’ parent company Metal Masters, which is thought to be funding the project purely from cash flow.

For more information on this ambitious aircraft, see the Flaris website.

Target Specifications LAR-1
Max cruise speed: 380 KTAS
Range: 1350 nm
MTOW: 1500 kg
BEW: 700 kg
Avionics: Garmin 600



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