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Gulfstream V

Gulfstream V

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Gulfstream Aerospace first announced it was studying a stretched ultra long range corporate transport based on the Gulfstream IV at the annual NBAA convention in October 1989, while the program was officially launched at the 1992 Farnborough Airshow. First flight was on November 28 1995, with certification and first deliveries planned for late 1996. Provisional FAA certification was awarded in December 1996, full certification was granted in April 1997. The first customer delivery was on July 1 1997.

Underscoring its high speed, long range abilities, by September 1997 the G-V had set no less than 36 world city pair, class time to climb and altitude records.

The Gulfstream V is based on the Gulfstream IV, but features a number of substantial changes to suit its different design objectives. The most obvious change is the stretched fuselage, the G-V is 2.49m (8ft 2in) longer overall than the G-IV.

Perhaps the most important changes though are the advanced new wing design and new BMW Rolls-Royce BR-710 turbofans (the G-V is the first application for the new BR-710 engine). The all new wing is being built by Northrop Grumman, and is optimised for high speed flight. It was developed using Computer Aided Design and NASA developed computational fluid dynamics. The flightdeck is built around a six screen Honeywell EFIS avionics suite

Wing manufacturer Vought Aircraft Industries and Japan’s ShinMaywa are also risk sharing partners in the GV program.

Home airport:
Aircraft Type


Cruise Speed

DOC’s per hour


Cabin H

Cabin W

Cabin L

Gulfstream V








Thrust (LB per Engine)

Common TBO (hours)

Max cruising speed 930km/h (501kt), design long range cruising speed 851km/h (459kt) or Mach 0.80 at 41,000ft. Initial rate of climb 4188ft/min. Initial cruise altitude 41,000ft, max certificated altitude 51,000ft. Max range with four crew and eight passengers and reserves at design cruising speed 12,045km (6500nm), flight time for which would be approximately 14hr 28min.

Basic operating with four crew 21,228kg (46,800lb), max takeoff 40,370kg (89,000lb).

Wing span 28.50m (93ft 4in), length 29.39m (96ft 5in), height 7.87m (25ft 10in). Wing area 105.6m2 (1137.0sq ft).

Flightcrew of two. Typical passenger load of eight but seats 15 to 19. Typically equipped with a crew rest room, a business work station with Satcom, computer and fax, a dining/conference area with seating for four, a three seat couch that converts into a bed, five other reclining seats, two galleys and a restroom fitted with a toilet and shower.

Information gathered from various internet sources. Reasonable attempts have been made to ensure accuracy and veracity of sources. However, this information should not be used for flight planning or official purposes.

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