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Business Jet – The Best Decision For a Big Company | BusinessJet.com
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Business Jet – The Best Decision For a Big Company

| Business Aviation | 2013/04/22

Many people like to travel with their friends and relatives – when you are surrounded by people whom you know, it is not so lonely or daunting to be in a new country, and the journey becomes more fun and interesting. But sometimes it is necessary to move around the world with a bigger group: work colleagues or the members of the sports team (if you are playing soccer or basketball).

The worst thing is if you are not only a member of a team but also the person who has to organize a trip. Arranging rooms in a hotel, booking the tickets – all of these things could be complicated as you never know whether there are enough rooms, whether the hotel meets everyone’s needs and whether you can book seats on the same flight.

But even if you made all the bookings successfully, the trip itself is not an easy thing. In big airports it is often impractical to look after all members of your group at the same time. Even grown ups often behave unpredictably – one member of the group decides to buy a morning newspaper, another goes in the opposite direction to find a restroom, a third one can’t fly without having a cup of coffee and a fourth is a fan of the shiny bottles in the duty free shop. Before long half of the group has disappeared at the airport and there is no chance to find them on time. Somebody could even miss the flight.

The best way to solve this problem – to arrange a private jet charter for such trip. It would be a mistake to think that a business jet could carry just a small group of people, not more than 10 or 15. It is possible to find a Boeing Business Jet, for example, to take more than 15 people. As the private charters don’t have some special timetable it will be possible to arrange the time of flight that is convenient for most of the group. Of course, the private jet can’t wait for one person from a big group for half a day, but a small delay won’t become a big problem. As the jet charters can land in small airports the group won’t lose itself in the crowds in a big building.

Written by Polina Medvedeva in association with Quintessential Jets Inc. – Corporate Private Jet Charter Flights Services. Quintessential Jets delivers a new way of experiencing private jet travel by providing personal, exclusive, VVIP service. We at Quintessential jets will provide you with the correct charter aircraft to transport you in comfort, safety and convenience whether you require a 1 to 14 seat VIP configured business jet or an 25 to 100+Jumbo Jet for your entourage or team. As always we provide you five-star service with better than first class experience on every flight. Our dedicated flight team will manage every aspect of your trip. We follow from the limo-ground transportation to and from your private jet to the luxury accommodations for your overnight stay to the onboard amenities, we provide it all. We provide free custom private jet charter service quotes.

Article Source: Polina_Medvedeva

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